Bad Property Investment / Vancouver Real Estate 101

Bad Property Investment / Vancouver Real Estate 101
Bad Property Investment / Vancouver Real Estate 101.
Here’s another case study on an investment property that was all wrong, right from the beginning. Never sure who’s to blame with these types of situations but in the end it has to fall on the buyer for simply not doing their due diligence and getting the proper advice on this deal. Or, if they did, they didn’t listen and went ahead anyway. If you’re going to buy an investment property make sure you at least understand the basics of real estate investing, then hire a Realtor who specializes in these types of properties to steer you in the right direction.

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  1. Say, I put down 20% for a one bedroom condo unit of $300k (South Burnaby), which is $60k, with interest rate @ 4% 25yrs, I'm paying $1266 on mortgage alone for a unit I can only rent for around $1500. How can a cap rate of 5% be possible? My cap rate after accounting for Strata fee and Property Tax is less than a % if not negative. Shouldn't appreciation take into consideration in this equation?

  2. Hey Owen, my name id Danielle.. contact me:D Im interested in finding an investment property in Vancouver or Abbots ford and would love your help!

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